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Clipsal C-Bus

C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for Buildings and Homes. It is used to control lighting and other electrical services such as pumps, Audio Visual Devices, Motors, etc. Whether simple ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit, or variable (analogue) type control, such as electronic dimmable fluorescent ballasts, C-Bus can be used to easily control virtually any type of electrical load.

To ensure fast and reliable operation, each C-Bus device has its own in-built microprocessor and “intelligence”, allowing units to be individually programmed.

C-Bus uses a patented method for updating the status of units. This method does not require a central computer or central controller to handle databases or lookup tables to operate. The status of each C-Bus unit is initiated at specific time intervals, without the need of a central controller. Each device is allocated a specific time frame to broadcast its status, synchronised by a self-generated system clock pulse. This allows large amounts of data to be transmitted in a very small time frame, effectively and reliably on the network, leading to low processing overheads and low bandwidth requirements.

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Input Units
Output Units
System Units and Accessories

C-Bus input units are intelligent devices that allow C-Bus to respond to real world actions or events and send programmable messages to the C-Bus Network. An example of real world actions and events which can be interpreted by C-Bus input units are:

  • The press of a switch
  • Movement
  • Light level changes
  • Temperature changes
  • The touch on a touch screen
  • The press on a handheld Remote Control
  • A specific time

C-Bus is able to interpret these real world actions, and is programmed by the installer to cause a response (or series of responses) based on this action in the real world (via C-Bus Output Units). This real world C-Bus response could be, for example, to dim lights, switch air conditioning units, close blinds, switch on a TV, or a combination of the actions.

A wide range of C-Bus input units are available to suit specific application requirements. C-Bus input units that are seen by the user, such as wallmounted switches, touch screens and scene controllers, are available in various styles and colours to suit the interior decor.

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Hand Held Remote Control Units
General Input Unit
Bus Coupler
LCD Switches (eDLT)
LCD Switches (DLT)
Auxiliary Input Unit
Standard Switches
Temperature Sensor
Metal Plate Switches
IR Receivers
Touch Screens
Scene Controllers
PIR Motion Detectors
Clock Modules

C-Bus Output Units are used to control electrical loads. These loads could be lighting, heating or other appliances. Relay Units and Dimmer Units are examples of Output Units.

Output Units respond to messages sent from Input Units to either turn on, off or ramp a load to a pre-determined level.

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High Powered Dimmers
DIN Rail Dimmers
DSI Gateway
Infra-red Output Unit
0-10V Analogue Output Unit
Relay Units

C-Bus System Units provide system wide facilities to a C-Bus Network. For example, a C-Bus Power Supply provides C-Bus power to a network, and a C-Bus Pascal Automation Controller provides extended logic functions to a C-Bus Network.

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Power Supply
PC Interface
Network Bridge
Pascal Automation Controller
Telephone Interface
Ethernet Interface
DALI Gateway
Network Analyser
C-Bus Cable and Connectors
Bar Code Reader
BACnet Gateway
DMX Gateway

The C-Bus control and management system has a number of PC software based installation tools, application programs and 3rd party development tools available. It is important to note that the C-Bus system is capable of running without a PC connected, as it utilises a distributed intelligence architecture and therefore needs no central processor, such as PC, to run. However, Clipsal C-Bus PC based software applications can provide additional features and interface solutions requested by C-Bus system users.

The software-based installation tools allow simple and fast commissioning of a C-Bus system via point and click, Windows™ based Graphical Interfaces.

C-Bus software based development tools allow 3rd party developers to easily integrate software solutions into a real world C-Bus network.

To find out more about the C-Bus software and to download a copy for your own use, follow this link: Software Download page.

Inner Range

Concept alarm system by innerrange

System Applications & Solutions

Inner Range security management systems offer solutions and integration possibilities across a wide variety of commercial and enterprise applications. The combination of extensive intruder alarm features, combined with commercial and enterprise level access control, automation, integration to CCTV, Lift systems, Intercoms and 3rd party software applications makes Inner Range systems particularly flexible and ideally suited to manage a vast range of security related services.


Summary of System Applications

Access Control for Small, Medium or Large Commercial Premises and Entire Enterprises
• IP connected Access Control Solutions
• RS485 connected Access Control systems
• Door Access Control
• Car park Access Control
• Integration to wireless access control systems by Salto Sallis, HID Aperio
• Integration to HID Hi-O
• Lift & Elevator Access Control
• Storage Lockers
• Qualified Access management for OH&S and worksite safety requirements

Intruder Detection and Alarm Notification & Transmission

• Fully featured alarm and event monitoring
• Compatible with a huge range of detection devices
• IP alarm transmission

CCTV Integration

• Integration to a wide range of CCTV systems CCTV Page

Gym & Fitness Membership Software Integration

• Integration to a wide range of Gym & Fitness Membership systems Gym & Fitness Page

Lift and Elevator Access Control Integration

• Kone
• Otis
• ThyssenKrupp
• Schindler
• Most high level IP, RS232 and low level lift button interfaces are supported

Lighting Integration

• Clipsal C-Bus Energy Management
• Dynalite Intelligent Lighting
• HPM iCONTROL Home Automation

Intercom Systems

• Jacques Intercom Systems
• Kenwei / IIS Intercom Systems

Automation Systems

• AMX Control and Automation Systems
• Crestron Control and Automation systems
• HPM iCONTROL Home Automation
• Air-conditioning control
• Equipment monitoring
• Irrigation control
• Dedicated interfaces suited to bespoke automation applications

Building Management Systems

• IR Transtech supports many building automation and HVAC protocols
• Bacnet, Bacnet/IP
• Modbus

Mobile Duress & Personnel Tracking Systems

• EkoTek lone worker protection and location tracking systems.

Visitor Management Systems

• Easylobby

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems)

• Watchman

Mobile Applications

• iPhone Apps
• Android Apps
• SMS Control & Reporting
• Email Alerts

Software Integration applications for

• Hotel PMS (Patron Management System) applications
• ERP/HR/Payroll systems
• Student databases and/or Visitor management systems
• User database
• Dedicated COM & XML interfaces suited to bespoke integration development

Asset Tracking

• ISIS Aspects

Fire System Integration

• AMPAC Fire System

Biometrics Integration

• ievo systems
• Industry standard open protocol Wiegand products

Concept 4000 Hardware Platform:

Concept 4000 is a modular integrated hardware platform offering you an expandable, flexible and highly secure Access Control, Security/Intruder Detection and Automation package.

•  Operation on a proprietary encrypted RS485 LAN or Ethernet LAN. A system built around a Control Module with your selection of LAN modules. Typically, this will include input/output expanders, access control modules, keypads, RF modules and communication modules
•  Advanced security features. Sophisticated input processing, wireless device support and a significant range of reporting options
•  Comprehensive access features. Fully redundant access modules, lift control, a wide range of card formats and access features to name only a few
•  Advanced communications interfacing options with four simultaneous communication tasks
•  Fully integrated IP communication capability
•  Powerful automation features with programmable outputs and analogue inputs
•  An extensive range of third party interfaces
•  Incredible flexibility for customisation


The Integriti Security Management System

Integriti is a new generation Integrated Access Control, Security Alarm and Automation System by Inner Range. It is the result of more than 20 years of continuous industry participation and product development, and just like its famous predecessor (The Concept 4000), Integriti sets new industry standards. Inner Range are confident that Integriti has the capacity to offer solutions that have previously been unachievable in today's exciting yet demanding technology environment. The Integriti Security Management System is an IP connected access control and intruder detection security system intended for centralized security management of systems operating at a single site or multiple sites across the country or across the globe. It is designed for global management of the entire system and a system can vary in size, starting from a very small single site, right through to a system with very large numbers of users, doors and events, spread across sites in different regions, continents and time zones.

It provides real-time monitoring and control of physical field hardware devices, as well as centralised data, alarms and event gathering from all locations. The Integriti Security Management System can also be integrated with third party software and hardware systems including HR Databases, Active Directory, CCTV Systems, Lift systems, Lighting, HVAC, Fire and BMS systems. The Integriti Security Management System is designed to cater for future growth. It is scalable, ready for integration with third-party systems, and steadily being improved and expanded with more modular options. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership


•  Simple management of all your access control and security administration at a single site, or centrally manage multiple locations - all directly from your desk
•  Unprecedented scale and flexibility for user access permissions
•  Unrivalled end user software simplicity with revolutionary access control administration
•  Smartphone applications allow you to manage your system even when you are mobile (Smartphone App - Soon to be released)
•  Gigabytes of memory at hardware level ensures that your access control system maintains complete system functionality if offline
•  Incredible forensic Audit Trail tracks all software changes
•  New seamless IP based Multi-Controller system architecture options
•  Simplified software set up with Auto Discovery of system hardware
•  Ethernet port, USB master and slave ports on-board for all Controllers
•  Modern Hardware design including Powerful ARM processors
•  Backwardly compatible with most Concept 4000 LAN modules**
•  Upgrade firmware in Controllers and new Integriti LAN modules remotely over the wire
•  New easy plug and play in-cabinet UniBus for adding expansion and functionality
•  Amazing, powerful Scripted Logic capability
•  A true Enterprise solution delivering 1000's of controllers, 1000's doors and 1000's of zones

**Concept 4000 Intelligent 2 and 4 Door Access Modules can be used in Integriti compatibility mode with a firmware update. Compatibility mode has limited offline functionality. Not compatible with type 0 or type 1 Concept 3000 modules


The new Integriti Security Managment System is now available in Australia, New Zealand and Europe via a network of factory trained security professionals.

Remote Technologies Incorporated
RTI specializes in control products for automating the operation of audio, video, and environmental management systems such as lighting and HVAC. Offering solutions for residential, commercial and transportation applications, RTI products are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the electronics installation professional while providing a simplified interface for the end-user. rti


You put the soul in your home. Now let RTI bring it to life with control systems so powerful, yet so intuitive in operation, that you become one with your surroundings. From home theater to state-of-the-art home automation, RTI control systems fill your world with music, movement and light. Technology that used to complicate, now delights, and life is once again in harmony. This is the RTI-enabled home: an oasis where your needs are fulfilled through technology. Where devices adapt to your needs, rather than the other way around. And a world of pleasures can be summoned – instantly, effortlessly, with a simple touch.


Master your technology with RTI custom electronic control systems. And discover how much you can achieve with one touch. RTI’s professional-grade control products are powerful enough to control systems of any size or scope. They’re intuitive enough for any user to operate confidently. Because our systems are designed and manufactured to perform under the most demanding conditions, you can expect reliable performance every time. Ask yourself what you need to get done. Then let RTI become the link between your will and your world.

Home Automation

Managing the ever increasing technology options throughout the home can become overwhelming. RTI systems can put the homeowner back in command of these technologies by bringing together control of electronics, whole house audio, lighting, security, and HVAC into one, simple interface. Whether in-wall or wireless, RTI products offer tremendous flexibility, allowing for a control interface tailored to each homeowner’s automation needs and technical aptitude.